Average Snowfall in Donnelly, Idaho

Because skiing is such a big recreational activity in this part of the country, here are some facts about snowfall in the Donnelly Idaho area.

Average Annual Snowfall- 98.2 inches (337% higher than the national average)

Record Snowfall in a Single Day- 23 inches on January 15, 1971

Winter is the season with the most snow with an average of 64.7 inches

Here are the monthly snowfall totals for the area:

January 23.7 inches
February 14.6 inches
March 8.7 inches
April 4.7 inches
May 0.8 inches
June 0.1 inches
July 0.0 inches
August 0.0 inches
September 0.1 inches
October 2.5 inches
November 16.6 inches
December 26.4 inches

Temperature Information for Donnelly, ID

The average yearly temperature in Donnelly is 40.1 degrees.

Record High Temperature: 104 degrees - August 9, 1906.

Winter 26.5 degrees
Spring 35.2 degrees
Summer 56.5 degrees
Fall 42.3 degrees

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