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Vacation Home Property Management Services

Since 2004, Idaho Resort Rentals has been dedicated to serving homeowners with customized property management services. We can provide the services you need if your home is part of our rental program or you simply need assistance caring for your home. Idaho Resort Rentals is dedicated to being the property management company of choice for homeowners and rental guests alike. Honesty, integrity and competence are the hallmarks of our company. Piece of mind is yours knowing Idaho Resort Rentals is caring for your home and you.

150 W Roseberry Rd Building
Idaho Resort Rentals is a vertically integrated rental and property management company. The depth and breadth of our internal resources is second to no other vacation rental property management company in Idaho. Our staff provides highest level of professionalism in all areas, sales, Internet technologies, marketing, maintenance, contracting services, housekeeping and accounting. Our resources including our newly constructed, centrally located check in facility, our commercial laundry facility, our service vehicles including our new network connected GPS tracked service van. 
Vacation Rentals Service Van

We can provide whatever level of service you require. From a complete always "guest ready home" service level to a "hibernation" level of service when your home is completely winterized and you don't even need to run the heat, Idaho Resort Rentals can provide the services you need. We can provide a full range of services, from weekly home checks to insure the security of your investment to full contracting services as Idaho Resort Rentals is a Idaho Registered Residential General Contractor. We provide all of our maintenance services with our own employees in company owned vehicles. 
Front Desk for Idaho Resort Rentals
We don't contract out our maintenance service to other companies resulting in unknown individuals that may or may not have insurance entering your home like other area property management companies. As a Idaho Registered Residential General Contractor, this makes us uniquely qualified to serve you and your home for repairs, improvements and knowledge about your home. We are a real "bricks and mortar" business not just a person with a cell phone, desk and a laptop that contracts out all elements of the business like some of the other property management "companies". 

Tamarack Resort Properties
We have serviced Tamarack homes since the day the resort opened and we will continue to do so through this tough time and into the eventual better days. No property management company has more experience or competence with Tamarack homes than Idaho Resort Rentals. For added security on your Tamarack built home we can reprogram your TimeLox front door so Tamarack employees and ex -employees cannot access it. We can do this because we own our TimeLox system with a unique system identification. The locks can be reprogrammed back if the home moves back to Tamarack management, protecting your investment. We do not require you to pay for an unsightly second lock on your door like other area property management companies. 

Donnelly Properties
With our Downtown Donnelly Location no other property management company is better situated to serve you and your Donnelly home. We have some of the best Donnelly vacation homes and full time homes under our management and would like to talk to you about your Donnelly home and how we can serve you. 

McCall Properties
Do you own a property in McCall and are looking for a property management company with a higher level of service and professionalism? Give us a call at 866-939-1066 as we are currently looking to expand our McCall offerings. 

Sun Valley Properties
If you have fractional ownership in a Sun Valley area property but are looking for better revenue results, give us a call and we can supplement your rental opportunities. 
Give us a call toll free at (866) 939-1066 to discuss your property management needs.